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Dryden Aqua, innovative technology in harmony with nature

Daisy, an Integrated Dryden Aqua system for healthy, pure, crystal-clear swimming pool water

Who are Dryden Aqua?
For over thirty years we have been experts in the field of chemical and biological reactions of water. We are marine biologists who specialise in the treatment of water for acquaria for dolphins and other marine mammals as well as public and private swimming pools.

Our particular combination of experience and know how gives us a completely unrivalled position in the field of swimming pool water treatment. Our mission is: crystal-clear water and pure air.

We are the inventors of the activated, bio-resistant filter media AFM® made from recycled glass.
Today there are over 100,000 swimming pools around the world which are treated using our system.

NCV and Dryden together for the environment:


We want to help make the world a better place

Dryden Aqua’s mission is to make this world a better place and we begin by making swimming pools safer and more environmentally sustainable

We are committed to the fight against pollution and to protection our environment from climate change.

We are convinced we have understood the main global warming mechanism. In short, our theory is as follows: the increase in CO2 content in the atmosphere is not directly linked to the increase in CO2 derived from man-made emissions. Scientific studies quantify that the burning of fossil fuels represents only between 1% and 5% at most of all CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. It is a much smaller amount than the one esimated by many.

The Royal Society recognises that we should have seen an increase in the growth of algae to offset the increase in CO2 emissions. Instead, the opposite has occurred: the production of marine phytoplankton in our oceans has actually fallen.

The increase in CO2 in the atmosphere and the acidification of the oceans is not caused by man-made CO2 emissions, but by a drop in the ecosystem’s capacity to metabolise CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

Marine phytoplankton turns carbon dioxide into oxygen via photosynthesis. They are responsible for 90% of CO2 emissions on the planet and for the production of oxygen. Nevertheless from the start of the chemical revolution around 1950, the establishment of carbon dioxide and marine productivity fell 40% and this is the main reason for the establishment of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Bioactive toxins such as PCBs and flame retardant PBDEs from urban and industrial waste, are on the increase in all of the world’s oceans and are in concentrations which can suppress photosynthetic activity, even in the southern oceans.

The drop in productivity reduces the level of CO2, with a consequent rise in the concentration of carbonic acid, causing acidification of the oceans and an increase in atmospheric CO2. The impact of water pollution and the acidification of the oceans is much more dramatic than estimated. We know from experience as marine biologists that at a pH of 7.9 the marine ecosystem would collapse.

We are already beginning to see enormous changes in the marine environment, with a strong growth in the number of jellyfish and squid and a decline in fish stocks. At a pH of 7.9, eggs made from carbonate cannot develop. Since most marine animals and many plants have shells made of carbonate, we are facing a complete collapse in the marine ecosystem and the possibility that this will be followed by the same thing with the terrestrial ecosystem.

We are basically facing a situation which could be much worse than climate change and it is happening now. The pH in the oceans has already fallen from 8.3 to 8.09. If we act now to prevent water pollution with bioactive discharges into urban and industrial waste water, we have a chance to reverse the process.

We need industry to stop using these toxic chemical substances and we need to purify all our waste water, not only in our own country but in all countries, since we are all linked by the same oceans, the same atmosphere and the same planet.

We have just 25 years to reverse the trend.

Dryden DAISY®

An integrated Dryden Aqua system for pure, crystal-clear, safe swimming pool water

Dryden Aqua has developed an integrated swimming pool water treatment system in which all the components work together to provide a system in which the outcome is much greater than the sum of the parts.

As a marine biology company working in the swimming pool sector, we have a unique knowledge of both the biology and the chemistry of water.

This combination of knowledge has enabled us to design a completely integrated system which offers the best quality of water with the lowest bacterial proliferation.

The result is extremely clean water, with less chlorine needed to keep the water safe. The less chlorine used, the lower the concentration of chlorine derivatives.

DAISY consists of three integrated phases:

  1. Filtration with AFM®
  2. Coagulation and flocculation with APF and ZPM
  3. Catalytic oxidation with ACO and ZPM