We offer a 5-year warranty on your new system

An excellent after-sales service to keep your relaxation corner relaxing

Almost 50 years of experience have enabled us to develop construction expertise and pay great attention to the installation quality and finish. After installing a system, the quality of the workmanship is measured in after-sales service capacity.

The decision to offer a 5-year warranty on the system is our calling card: we will take care of all scheduled or unforeseen needs, even after delivery, so that your relaxation corner stays just that

Maintenance and cleaning call-out within 24/48 hours

Every system must always be safe and in optimum condition for use

The feather in NCV Piscine’s cap is the pool maintenance and cleaning service within 24/48 hours. A deliberate choice reinforced by the fact that every one of our clients must feel safe at all times and that every one of our systems is in optimum condition for use.

The service includes maintenance, either regular (cleaning, minor leaks, supply of water treatment products) or unscheduled (faults or repair work to the system, maintenance of the liner).

Turnkey maintenance service

The service includes scheduled or unscheduled maintenance, with testing of the pump system and elimination of any leaks; maintenance of the liners and any refurbishment of systems.

Summer opening and winter closure of the pool, with installation and removal of any covers and the supply of products for regular cleaning and water treatment, as well as parts and accessories.

Pool cleaner robot service

The service includes the supply of a free replacement robot in the event of maintenance or repair of your own. We can also offer a call-out service within 24 hours for cleaning and disinfection with testing of cleaners and control units.

Pool cleaning and disinfection services

We work on automatic, manual and computerised water filtration, purification, chlorination and disinfection systems in compliance with the latest European regulations in force; the whole thing enables the water to stay clear and healthy for an entire season making management simpler.

NCV Piscine also provides products for non-chlorinated treatment: salt water electrolysis; hydrolysis with magnesium and potassium, liquid oxygen and dryden system.