How a swimming pool takes shape

Passion and respect for such a vital element as water

Our passion and respect for such a vital element as water has led us to introduce a series of made-to-measure services once installation is complete. For us this means making sure you are using and maintaining every one of our systems correctly for years to come.

Use of natural, durable materials (marble, glass, stone)

The structure can be waterproofed with a cement-based or PVC membrane which form the final liner. Among the best liners we have ceramic tiles or mosaic in countless colours and shades.

Construction expertise

NCV Piscine will take care of the entire design process either in collaboration with your trusted professional, providing: plans, reinforced concrete calculations, heating system, electrical system as well as the chance to see your concept with realistic plans.

Quality of the installation and finishing

The classic system for building a swimming pool is using reinforced concrete, which ensures the longest life. Swimming pools with bottom and walls built of reinforced concrete ensure resistance to pressure from water, the earth and atmospheric agents.

Our company can find a form of collaboration with building firms to instal your pool to standard, supplying and/or installing just purification systems and liners (steps, trampolines, underwater lighting, counter current jets and other accessories of this type).