For fifty years we have been working with water

Relaxation, energy, wellbeing, warranty, maintenance, fun. An all-inclusive dream!

After 50 years of being in business, Nuovo Centro Veneto Piscine Snc has evolved into ‘NCV Piscine SRL’ with the aim of raising the standard of its projects and services. The company NCV Piscine, which has been active in the field of design since 1966, has specialised in the construction of reinforced concrete swimming pools since 1970.

Our technicians will take care of the entire design process either in collaboration with your trusted professional, providing: plans, reinforced concrete calculations, heating system, electrical system. We install automatic, manual and computerised water filtration, purification, chlorination and disinfection systems in compliance with the latest European regulations in force; the whole thing enables the water to stay clear and healthy for an entire season, making management simpler. NCV Piscine also provides products for non-chlorinated treatment: salt water electrolysis; hydrolysis with magnesium and potassium, liquid oxygen and dryden system.

Our company can find a form of collaboration with building firms to install your pool to standard, supplying and/or installing just purification systems and liners (steps, trampolines, underwater lighting, counter current jets and other accessories of this type).

Indoor and outdoor concrete and fibreglass pools

You can have your outdoor or indoor pool even in confined spaces.
Create your relaxation corner to fit in with your home!

Our technicians will take care of the whole made-to-measure design process, in keeping with the space available. From elaborate, curved shapes to simple, minimalist design.

Hydromassage tubs or wellness centres are essential for anyone wanting to take care of and listen to their own body. An environment chosen as a place of psychophysical wellbeing where smells, lines, lights and sensations meet and merge seamlessly. NCV Piscine installs entire hydromassage SPA tub systems for every type of need and public and private wellness centres.

Counter-current swimming, hydromassage, neck fountains, isothermal covers, hydromassage beds or solar showers, RGB LED lights...The use of specially-designed accessories for your wellness corner will make your pool unique and personalised, thanks to chemical products which will keep the water clear. From the winter or safety pool cover (greater safety for your children and four-legged friends) to the stainless steel steps, not to leave anything to chance.